"le vie en rose"
100x100cm oil on canvas
"Life in pink"
You sit in a garden of thorns and snakes, where it's dark and it's cold; 
all that you can see is light so far way, a rainbow out of reach but the hope is what you hold. In a land designed for pain you survive, and you know one day you won't have to fight to feel alive. The beauty in your suffering is not based in the present moment, but your ability to see into the future, into atonement. 
"Le vie en rose, 
Les ennuis, les chagrins s’effacent
Heureux, heureux à en mourir"
Your lover is life and the breath you breathe,
in your lungs harbors hope
feeling like summer's eve
your pain won't last long
and one day you'll sing a new song
The death around you won't kill your vision
all that lives inside of you is too strong
tu es la rose

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